Estate Administration

Attorneys at Ikard Law PC analyze the different probate alternatives to design the best alternative to efficiently transfer the estate to the beneficiaries.

Probating the Will
Ikard Law PC applies to the court to probate the will. This may involve the appointment of an executor or administrator or it may require only that the will be probated as a muniment of title (that is admitting the will to probate solely to show who now owns the property of the decedent).

Determining Heirs in Intestacy
If there is no will, Ikard Law PC does an analysis to determine what probate proceeding is necessary and if there are alternatives.

Executor or Administrator
Ikard Law PC also advises beneficiaries in proposing or resisting the appointment of an executor (named by the decedent in the will) or an administrator (appointed by the court) based on necessity or qualifications. We also represent beneficiaries who simply want to have their own counsel during administration.

Independent Administration
Generally an independent administration is the most efficient way of handling an estate. Ikard Law PC analyzes of the benefits and disadvantages of an independent executor or independent administrator.

Whether independent or dependent, Ikard Law PC lawyers advise the client on common and unique issues in administering an estate. The primary issues tend to revolve around:

  • Identifying and securing the assets of the decedent
  • Resolving of debts of the decedent
  • Resolving taxes of the estate and decedent
  • Transferring title to the beneficiaries
  • Post-mortem tax and retirement benefits planning
  • Resolving issues with creditors and outstanding contracts